Saturday, September 11, 2010

Excuse Me?

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OK I'm single and I'm cute, wait scratch that I'm damn cute. LOL
And I can say I have heard every pick up line imaginable, from "Hey there shorty!" "You got fries with that shake?" "Psst, Psst let me talk to you for a moment."
Oh I know what you're thinking, these lines are from when I was back in high school. Nope, not at these are actually from men, I've met recently.
 OK, let me back that up and say not MET but for some unknown reason BUMPED into at the supermarket, car wash or gas station, heck even walking across the street to my office building. Now, I must admit although the attention is flattering, the cat calls always seem to take me by surprise. Not that I don’t think I deserve the attention but a Psst, Psst and Shorty thing, I thought I HAD left back in high school. These are grown men, for God’s sake!
Whatever happened to a man saying Excuse me, Miss? I was just wondering if you would be free some time for a lunch date or a cup of coffee?
See how smooth, Billy Dee Williams that sounds? Much better than Psst, Psst, right? Guys, I understand how much courage it takes to come up to a woman at all, but you really got to do better.

Can you wear this for me?

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Everyone has an attribute they would like to change concerning their appearance. When I was a little girl, I hated my nose. I mean hated it. I thought it was too wide for my face. Until one day I sat at my grandmothers feet, she had just finished braiding my hair. "Get up and turn around and let me have a look see." Dutifully turning toward her, she smiled at the work she had done "You have a pretty face, but why wouldn't you when you got the best thing from me?" She tapped me on the nose before calling my sister to come get her hair done.
I had not recognized it before but I had inherited my nose from her and my grandmother who was beautiful. Not just on the outside but she was smart, sassy and always quick to laugh. From that day on I loved my nose, especially when everything else started to grow with it.
My nose is now not the biggest part on my body. You would think I would be happy right? Nope. As a teenager I wanted a bigger booty. Not a Serena Williams booty, hell not even a Jennifer Lopez booty, I can carry my drinks in my hands just fine. No I just wanted a slightly bigger one.
Yep, bigger with wider hips. My mom had this hour glass shape, hips and butt that somehow got gifted to my sister but by passed me.
I remember buying jeans and asking my sister to wear them for me a couple of times. See she would stretch them and when I would wear them they would hang just right.
It wasn't until I was older, much older do I appreciate the shape that I have. I actually have a nice size rear, just wish I had those hips to rock it with..sigh.. oh well I still love me no full hips and all. It's funny the things you don't appreciate about yourself as a teenager. But I was grateful to my sister when we were teenagers not to pick at me too much when I would say Can you wear this for me?

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