Saturday, September 11, 2010

Excuse Me?

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OK I'm single and I'm cute, wait scratch that I'm damn cute. LOL
And I can say I have heard every pick up line imaginable, from "Hey there shorty!" "You got fries with that shake?" "Psst, Psst let me talk to you for a moment."
Oh I know what you're thinking, these lines are from when I was back in high school. Nope, not at these are actually from men, I've met recently.
 OK, let me back that up and say not MET but for some unknown reason BUMPED into at the supermarket, car wash or gas station, heck even walking across the street to my office building. Now, I must admit although the attention is flattering, the cat calls always seem to take me by surprise. Not that I don’t think I deserve the attention but a Psst, Psst and Shorty thing, I thought I HAD left back in high school. These are grown men, for God’s sake!
Whatever happened to a man saying Excuse me, Miss? I was just wondering if you would be free some time for a lunch date or a cup of coffee?
See how smooth, Billy Dee Williams that sounds? Much better than Psst, Psst, right? Guys, I understand how much courage it takes to come up to a woman at all, but you really got to do better.

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