Monday, October 4, 2010

Empty Space

Empty Space-

You’re always on the wrong side,

usually my side,

so I squeeze in

Your arms wrap around my waist,

Fitting your length up against mine,

right into that niche,

which would wake me at sunrise,

along with kisses to the back of my neck.

As you take your time,

no rush for us,

this is our time.

To put it simply,

I miss that.

I miss you.

The heat of your body,

no sheets needed.

I complain that you need to give me more space

On the edge I was

So you roll over to later have me follow suite.

Now it’s me on top of you, clinging,

holding tight.

So that somehow someway we end up like we started,

You back in your niche

But now my queen feels like a king without you.

I’m swallowed up in it.

Blankets and pillows can’t give off your heat.

Restlessness dogs my nights,

No arms to hold me tight, no snore to drum me to sleep,

no surprise greets me at sunrise.

Your place is now just an empty space.

Fighting the cold I pull up the sheets

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Excuse Me?

Williams as Lando CalrissianImage via Wikipedia
OK I'm single and I'm cute, wait scratch that I'm damn cute. LOL
And I can say I have heard every pick up line imaginable, from "Hey there shorty!" "You got fries with that shake?" "Psst, Psst let me talk to you for a moment."
Oh I know what you're thinking, these lines are from when I was back in high school. Nope, not at these are actually from men, I've met recently.
 OK, let me back that up and say not MET but for some unknown reason BUMPED into at the supermarket, car wash or gas station, heck even walking across the street to my office building. Now, I must admit although the attention is flattering, the cat calls always seem to take me by surprise. Not that I don’t think I deserve the attention but a Psst, Psst and Shorty thing, I thought I HAD left back in high school. These are grown men, for God’s sake!
Whatever happened to a man saying Excuse me, Miss? I was just wondering if you would be free some time for a lunch date or a cup of coffee?
See how smooth, Billy Dee Williams that sounds? Much better than Psst, Psst, right? Guys, I understand how much courage it takes to come up to a woman at all, but you really got to do better.

Can you wear this for me?

Serena Williams after beating Dinara Safina on...Image via Wikipedia
Everyone has an attribute they would like to change concerning their appearance. When I was a little girl, I hated my nose. I mean hated it. I thought it was too wide for my face. Until one day I sat at my grandmothers feet, she had just finished braiding my hair. "Get up and turn around and let me have a look see." Dutifully turning toward her, she smiled at the work she had done "You have a pretty face, but why wouldn't you when you got the best thing from me?" She tapped me on the nose before calling my sister to come get her hair done.
I had not recognized it before but I had inherited my nose from her and my grandmother who was beautiful. Not just on the outside but she was smart, sassy and always quick to laugh. From that day on I loved my nose, especially when everything else started to grow with it.
My nose is now not the biggest part on my body. You would think I would be happy right? Nope. As a teenager I wanted a bigger booty. Not a Serena Williams booty, hell not even a Jennifer Lopez booty, I can carry my drinks in my hands just fine. No I just wanted a slightly bigger one.
Yep, bigger with wider hips. My mom had this hour glass shape, hips and butt that somehow got gifted to my sister but by passed me.
I remember buying jeans and asking my sister to wear them for me a couple of times. See she would stretch them and when I would wear them they would hang just right.
It wasn't until I was older, much older do I appreciate the shape that I have. I actually have a nice size rear, just wish I had those hips to rock it with..sigh.. oh well I still love me no full hips and all. It's funny the things you don't appreciate about yourself as a teenager. But I was grateful to my sister when we were teenagers not to pick at me too much when I would say Can you wear this for me?

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Behind Closed Doors

Two red telephone boxesImage via Wikipedia
Have you ever wished you had superhuman powers? More powerful than a locomotive, able to leap buildings in a single bound, faster than a speeding bullet?
For the past couple of days I wish I was superwoman, able to scare away enemies, ease hurts and provide hope.
But nope I'm only human, with one heart, two shoulders and two ears. If you were to check the mileage on each right now, you would wonder what the heck have I been doing for the past couple of days?
Being a friend, would be my answer.
I have heard stories of abuse, loneliness, and frustration that would set you back on your heels, from people that I admire and love.
Who would have thought, that behind their closed doors, that wars were raging, hearts were breaking and minds were losing?
I had a person tell me onetime that she hates it when people tell her their problems, because it causes her to have bad mojo. See she feels that if anyone has something bad going on with them, that somehow, someway that bad time will rub off into her life. So she tends to pull away from people who have "bad things" going on with them.
I tried seeing it her way but the only bad thing I saw about that was her reaction.  You can't only be there in the ups and disappear in the downs. You don't get the title of friend by doing that. Makes me wonder what went on behind her closed door that made her forget or never learn what true friendship was all about.
Me being me, I just want to fix the problem. Go in and bash some heads, throw away some trash, lock some fools up. But again I'm only human. That superwoman only lives in my imagination.
So I can only listen, pray that the Lord above will give me the right thing to say when its my turn to speak, end it with "It's going to be o.k and I'm here if you need me."
You spend hours on the phone as they vent, hand them tissues as they cry on your shoulder, show up on their door step with ice cream, save your funniest joke for when their all talked out, tell them the truth even when it hurts, call them to the mat on their bull crap, help them dig a hole in the they have cemeteries for that! LOL! So you worry and plot and pray with them because as a human being that's all you can do really. Sometimes that's all you have to do.
Finding out that your friend has or is being abused, and that someone you love is so emotionally broken that they are making themselves sick, or that model couple you looked up to can't stand each other because the love is gone and divorce is imminent.
Because when you find out what's really going on behind closed doors, it makes you want to find the nearest phone booth.
To bad they don't make those suckers the way they use too.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

My crush on Steve Urkel

Jaleel White as Steve UrkelImage via Wikipedia
Yep, I had a teenage crush on the character Steve Urkel off the television show Family Matters.
He was a nerd, who wore coke bottle glasses, severe high water pants and suspenders. He also was in love with his neighbors daughter Laura who would not return his affection.
Why? Because he was a nerd, who wore coke bottle glasses, severe high water pants and suspenders.
I was flabbergasted, what was wrong with her? Steve loved her, he treated her like a queen, even when she looked her worst he saw her as beautiful and all he wanted to do was take care of her. What more could she want?
She wanted Stephan- Steve's alter ego. Stephan was fine, cool and smooth. He dressed hip (for the eighties anyway) the total opposite of Steve. Now I must admit when Stephan came upon the scene, I almost fell into that trap too but then I remembered that Steve created Stephan for Laura. He changed himself so she could be happy.
This is where my crush set me up for failure. I grew up with the fantasy that if someone loved you, they will change for you. You know; change those "little things" that irk you. Like clipping their toe nails at the dinner table, leaving the toilet seat up, hanging out with his boys every Friday and Saturday night, not picking up after themselves, telling his mother and sister all your business so now your business is now their business, plays video games all day, the list can go on and on about the once "little things" that you thought he would change but hasn't and most likely won't, so those "little things" have become "big things" that you find yourself screaming and yelling about.
I learned the hard way that love doesn't change anyone. Either their the person you fell in love with or they are the fantasy you fell in love with? Fantasy meaning you walk into the relationship knowing that this person had issues or personality traits that irked you but you feel confident that once he or she falls in love with you, has sex with you,  marries you, that you can CHANGE that person.
It didn't work for Steve and Laura, it became to much for him. He finally just had to be himself whether she loved him or not.
A married friend gave me great advice one day she said "Find someone whose "little things" that seem so cute to you now, are the same "little things" you can deal with for the rest of your life because they won't change."
I can't say everything that I learned from my Steve Urkel crush was bad. He did make me want a man who on my worst days would still say hey beautiful, treat me like a queen and love me despite all my "little things".

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not the one

Have you ever been dating someone and you're not getting that umph! That electricity! That click!

And you realize that person is not the one?
Have you ever been not the one?
I can say I have. I've sat wondering what I did wrong, what did I miss, how could this guy not like me as much as I liked him?
Then you see him a few months later with someother girl and you start to wonder "What does she have that I don't?"
And even though you don't want to admit it, she does have something you don't...him.
No really, she does have that umph, that electricity, that click that he was searching for.
But that doesnt mean you umph, your electricity, your click doesnt work, it just wasnt meant for him.
So no, he was not the one.
But someone out there is.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three different sides to a woman

There are three different sides to a woman and depending on the situation, her mood, and her age determines how she will react, either as a bitch, a whore or a lady.

Since I’m doing my best to keep this a family friendly blog, let’s just give a fictional name to the three personalities above.



Lady- Evelyn

(Now since I don’t know anyone with the above names,they are not a reference to ANYONE)


You’re out and about with your boyfriend and a beautiful woman walks by and you notice he turns his head to get a better look at her.

Karin would say “Who you looking at? I know you didn’t just turn around and look at her, not while I’m sitting here!” Before she proceeds to drop his drink in his lap.

Tiffany would say to herself, “Hmmm, that guy over there keeps giving me the eye, I wonder if I can sneak off to the bathroom to get his number.”

Evelyn would quietly take note of his lack of respect and later delete his number from her phone.


The man you’re dating tells you he has five kids by three different baby mama’s.

Karin would say “OH HELL NAWWWW!!! You need to get to stepping!”

Tiffany would say “OH HELL NAWWW!!! I can’t have sex with you, your stuffs a little too potent!

Evelyn would say “Oh that’s nice.” While later deleting his number out of her phone.


You get a call after ten pm for a booty call.

Karin would say “I KNOW this fool ain’t calling me after 10 pm for no booty call, knowing I haven’t heard from his behind all week or day long but he wants to call me to see if he can come over! CLICK!”

Tiffany would say “ Yeah I can do that, that’ll work..that’ll work.”

Evelyn would politely decline and say “But if you want to hook up again maybe you can call me earlier and you can take me out on a date or something.”


Your mate asks you to get up after a bout of lovemaking to make him some breakfast.

Karin would say “What! I just got through sucking your…You need to get up and make me breakfast!”

Tiffany would say “Huh…you want me to make you breakfast. How bout this? Why don’t you make me breakfast and I’ll do that thing that you like.”

Evelyn would say “Sure baby, you rest.” While thinking, sure I’ll make his breakfast to show him I’m just as good in the kitchen as I am in the bedroom.


Your boyfriend tells you he wants to take you to meet his family.

Karin says to herself “Hmmmm I wonder what these bitches are going to be like?”

Tiffany says to herself “ Hmmm, I wonder what these bitches are going to be like?”

Evelyn would say “He wants me to meet his family! Yay!!!”

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