Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three different sides to a woman

There are three different sides to a woman and depending on the situation, her mood, and her age determines how she will react, either as a bitch, a whore or a lady.

Since I’m doing my best to keep this a family friendly blog, let’s just give a fictional name to the three personalities above.



Lady- Evelyn

(Now since I don’t know anyone with the above names,they are not a reference to ANYONE)


You’re out and about with your boyfriend and a beautiful woman walks by and you notice he turns his head to get a better look at her.

Karin would say “Who you looking at? I know you didn’t just turn around and look at her, not while I’m sitting here!” Before she proceeds to drop his drink in his lap.

Tiffany would say to herself, “Hmmm, that guy over there keeps giving me the eye, I wonder if I can sneak off to the bathroom to get his number.”

Evelyn would quietly take note of his lack of respect and later delete his number from her phone.


The man you’re dating tells you he has five kids by three different baby mama’s.

Karin would say “OH HELL NAWWWW!!! You need to get to stepping!”

Tiffany would say “OH HELL NAWWW!!! I can’t have sex with you, your stuffs a little too potent!

Evelyn would say “Oh that’s nice.” While later deleting his number out of her phone.


You get a call after ten pm for a booty call.

Karin would say “I KNOW this fool ain’t calling me after 10 pm for no booty call, knowing I haven’t heard from his behind all week or day long but he wants to call me to see if he can come over! CLICK!”

Tiffany would say “ Yeah I can do that, that’ll work..that’ll work.”

Evelyn would politely decline and say “But if you want to hook up again maybe you can call me earlier and you can take me out on a date or something.”


Your mate asks you to get up after a bout of lovemaking to make him some breakfast.

Karin would say “What! I just got through sucking your…You need to get up and make me breakfast!”

Tiffany would say “Huh…you want me to make you breakfast. How bout this? Why don’t you make me breakfast and I’ll do that thing that you like.”

Evelyn would say “Sure baby, you rest.” While thinking, sure I’ll make his breakfast to show him I’m just as good in the kitchen as I am in the bedroom.


Your boyfriend tells you he wants to take you to meet his family.

Karin says to herself “Hmmmm I wonder what these bitches are going to be like?”

Tiffany says to herself “ Hmmm, I wonder what these bitches are going to be like?”

Evelyn would say “He wants me to meet his family! Yay!!!”

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