Thursday, July 15, 2010

When is too much vaseline tooo much vaseline?

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Ok I have to say I have an addiction to Vaseline, body oil and anything that makes your skin look supple and shiny!  Add a good smell to it, I'm buying it! I should own stock in Carol's Daughter products.  I love their Almond Butter body oil. It smells sooooo good! And it leaves your body all nice and shiny and supple. But one day I ran out of it and had not had the chance to run to the store to restock my supply, that day was the day I became addicted  to vaseline.
 I found that most of my friends especially the African American ones use a healthy amount of vaseline too. In the winter months its really beneficial to those dry spots, like the bottoms of your heels, your elbows but even in the summertime, adding some to your body right after a shower gives you a nice shine.
I was thinking this way after getting invited to a friends barbecue, before I made my way over I took a hot shower and added my body oil and vaseline, paying close attention to my feet.
Who wants to look like they have been kicking flour?
I made it to the barbecue, when my friend  asked if I would mind taking her around the corner to the grocery store for a quick food run. As we were going downstairs barefoot (I had left my sandals at the front door with the rest of the party members shoes, What did I care? My feet were shiny and purty from the vaseline I had put on about an hour earlier.) when my foot slipped from under me and I fell the ten steps down to the front door.
As I lay there shocked and hurting with my friend standing over me concerned and trying to make sure I didn't have any injuries. A thought crossed my mind.  Had I put too much vaseline on?

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