Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nope I don't feel sorry for Tiger at all

At a small get together a girlfriend and I were having a conversation about Tiger Woods wife, probably ending up with half of his money after their divorce, in which a male friend of ours interrupted and replied "She was nothing but a gold digger anyway."
The definition of a gold digger in street terms is a woman who goes after a man who has money and who entices said man into given up his loot for her maintenance, such as apartment, house, car, hair, nails, clothes etc...
Now I can't say that Tiger Woods wife is not a gold digger, heck I don't know the woman personally, but if she wasn't one before finding out he had stepped outside of their marriage with multiple women, I'm pretty sure she is now. And who can blame her?
I know, I know I can hear my male friends say but why does she have to take half, he worked for that money, she didn't? My answer would be, why did Tiger step outside his marriage? Not saying she didn't have part in the reason he felt a need to look somewhere else but if he wasn't happy, why didn't he just end the relationship with her and then he could have slept with as many women as he wanted and not one person would have said a thing.
He probably would have saved himself millions of dollars, if he had just stepped up and said hey this isn't working for me, I want out.
But instead he made her look like a fool, put her at risk for all types of disease and lied to her.
He needs to grow up take this gold digger punch like a man, stop following whats in between his legs and focus on his business and family.
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