Monday, July 19, 2010

What does he do for you?

I came into work today to find one of my coworkers glowing, smiling and humming to herself, something quite out of the ordinary for her. Usually she is quiet, keeps mostly to herself and very rarely smiles, hey she deals with government contracts, I kind of understood why she doesn't.
So I just had to ask, "Carol (made up name by the way), anything good happen over the weekend?"
She leaned over to me conspiratorially "My boyfriend came into town this weekend." Her boyfriend lives out of town and tries to come up to see her every other weekend.
"Really?" I asked, I had no idea she had a boyfriend. "Well, the visit must have done you good because you're acting as though you won the lottery."
She sighed and sat back and said "I feel that I have. Girl you just don't know. I never expected someone to come into my life and make me feel like anything is possible. That all the dreams that I have for myself will come true. Like if I wanted to fly to the moon, I can do it. His belief and support of me makes me just feel that I can just do anything."
"Wow, being with him does that to you?"
She paused before she answered, "Yes he does."
So that brings me to my question?
What does your spouse, mate, boyfriend, girlfriend do for you?
Does your stomach tighten when he/she walks into a room.
Does your pulse quicken?
Can you not wait to see their face or hear their voice?
Does all the craziness of the day fade of away when their in your presence?
Does their love and support make you realize that any dream you have for yourself can be achieved if only you believed in yourself as much as they believe in you?

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