Saturday, July 17, 2010

When it's time to let go

We all go through life experiencing the pain of letting things go, when we were younger it was toys, clothes and other material items. As we got older we lost boyfriends and girlfriends,  friends, and/or family members.
Forming a relationship with someone takes time, trust and patience.
When time gets short or trust gets broken, you make the decision if it's worth fighting to hold on.
Is it?
Sometimes there is no choice given to you, suddenly the rug is pulled out from under you and you are left dazed and confused.
Wondering how, why,what did you miss that caused this heartache? What did you do?
Then there are those times when although the choice is hard, you do it because the roller coaster ride you've been on needs to stop.
Stop so you can get off and get on with your life.
But did you do the right thing? Was that roller coaster ride that bad? Weren't those ups worth those downs?

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  1. I've actually struggled with the same thoughts and questions and have come to the conclusion that the things I have taken from my broken relationships have been well worth the ups and downs I have experienced throughout. I think that heartache, joy, and hurt have shaped me into becoming the woman that I am and so despite the drama, the pain, and the sadness that is associated with a relationship that has been ended for any reason the experience has helped to shape me and it is up to me as to whether I allow it to be a negative or positive experience.

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  3. I agree Amy, What is that old saying again. What doesnt kill you make you stronger? You either come out stronger or held together by little pieces of pain that ends up stagnating your life but you are right, it's your choice on how you come out of it.