Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How old was he again?

So I went to dinner tonight with my friend "M". "M" had come upon a some bad news at work and needed some cheering up. So I invited him out for dinner. He showed up and we discussed the trials and tribulations of the company he works for (that I use to work for) is giving him about his pay.
While out we decide to stop in for a drink at a local restaurant. "M" needed a drink after the day he had and I totally agreed.
We saddled up to the bar and had a seat. After ordering our drinks, I noticed that "M" mouth had dropped open and he was staring in amazement over my left shoulder. Curious I turned to see to my pleasure what had grabbed his attention. A gorgeous and I mean gorgeous specimen of a man was standing there. Broad shouldered, six feet, beautiful brown skin, looked like he should be on the football field instead of waiting tables. Yep that's right he was a waiter!
Oh did I forget to mention that my friend "M" is gay and did I also forget to add he and I have the same taste in men. Which at first bothered me but "M" is always able to tell me if the guy we're both looking at is gay which helps because my gay radar never has seemed to work.
And "M's" radar wasnt going off this time, but this man looked young, not too young but younger than me.
So even though it was nice to look, there was nothing much I could do with that. Legal or not legal.
Wanting dessert, chocolate lots of chocolate,(coming off the my diet for one night couldn't hurt right? I'll just hit the elliptical machine for a twenty minutes longer tomorrow.) I order a brownie with ice cream. (OK another thirty minutes, dang!)
When it arrives, I dig in. I had just stuck the first spoonful in my mouth when "M" leaned over and said "What if I told the bartender that you would like to eat this brownie off the chest of that waiter over there?"
Now, mind you "M" usually says things to just see my reaction, but then there are those times he is serious. And at that moment he was serious as he has this goal to have me in a relationship and married (in someways he reminds me of my mother in that respect). But just to call his bluff I said "I don't care?" 
"M" sat back in his seat and studied me for a moment, before calling the bartender over. My pulse quickened, Oh crap he really is going to do it. But just as I was going to say Don't do it. He just orders another drink.
Relaxing I dig out another spoonful of brownie, enjoying the taste of the warm brownie and the vanilla ice cream. The bartender had just placed the new drink in front of "M" and was about to turn away when "M" says "Oh yeah, my friend here would like to eat the rest of her brownie off your that waiters chest."
Needless to say all I could do was to keep the food in my mouth, instead of blowing chunks of it all over the bar and bartender in horror.
I turn to my friend "M" and the look on his face was priceless, he had turn red and was trying hard not to laugh, which made me want to laugh until.........he looks over my shoulder again and says "Hey, that waiter is coming this way and he has a big smile on his face."
Not believing him, I turn back to my brownie and dig another spoonful out and into my mouth. "Whatever, M"
"No, I'm serious. He's coming this way."
Right then a shadow takes up my peripheral view and too embarrassed to look over, (yep, that's right I'm a coward.) I take a another bite of my brownie. When suddenly a large hand moves my brownie, my glass of water over to my right and a large body lays across the bar in front of me.
And this gorgeous guy says "I heard you had a request, is this where you want me?"
(OK, this may sound like a dream, but nooooo this really happened. Nope this wasn't a strip joint, just a regular restaurant.)
Mouth still full with brownie all I could say is hmmmmmmmmmm. And we hear the ladies who are next to us at the bar say "Hey is it her birthday or something? How does she get this special treatment? My birthday is next week."
Hmmmmmmmmm, yep that's all I could say. Fine as he was, he was wayyyyy to young for me. And after giving me a smile and wink he gets up and walks away.
How do I know he was too young, we asked the bartender. "Oh, he is 24, going to college, working here part time"
24! Oh brother, get me out of here! Yeah I know, he was legal, that's what "M" kept telling me as I tried to finish my dessert which didn't seem to be hitting the spot anymore.
Pushing it away, "M" paid for our bill (I had paid for our dinner earlier)
We got ready to go, as we head toward the entrance there stood gorgeous, "Have a good night." Winking at me again and all I could ask "M" as we headed out into the rain was "How old was he again?"

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